George And The Dragon

Series Four

Episode 01 Backing Britain
Originally transmitted on 26th September 1968

Gabrielle reacts warmly to the suggestion from the Colonel that the household should support British goods and the policy is taken to its fullest extreme.

Episode 02 The Football Match
Originally transmitted on 3rd October 1968

After being forcibly ejected from a London cup-tie which resulted in a draw, George teams up with Gabrielle to get tickets for the replay.

Episode 03 Gabrielle's Birthday
Originally transmitted on 10th October 1968

It's Gabrielles birthday and George has forgotten, but things go from bad to worse when she finds a mink stole and believes it to be George's present.

Episode 04 Life Insurance
Originally transmitted on 17th October 1968

After taking out insurance policies things get complicated when the usual doctor is absent for the medical examinations

Episode 05 Floribunda Gabrielle
Originally transmitted on 24th October 1968

Ralph achieves a lifelong ambition to cross a rose and a tulip and names the new flower after Gabrielle. However, the housekeeper has trouble looking after it in the greenhouse.

Episode 06 Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing
Originally transmitted on 31st October 1968

George falls in love with a Brigadier's daughter but her father calls the chauffeur a bounder and forbids him from seeing Angela again.

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